STANGER Glue Roller 12 m x 8 mm, 1 pc 39001
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Band length: 8 mm x 12 m. For clean, precise and permanent gluing. For paper, cardboard and photos. Easy to handle. REACH compliant.
2,04 €
STANGER Superglue 2 x 3 g, 1pcs
Glues within seconds ceramic, porcelain, metal, wood, plastic and rubber (except PE, PP, PTFE). Extremely powerful. Liquid, also flows into the smallest columns. Universally applicable. Store in a cool place. REACH compliant.
0,68 €
BIC ECO GLUSTIC 21 gr, Pouch 1 pcs 9192541
Eco - friendly glue stick for paper, cardboard and fabrics. Made from 100% recycled plastic dispenser. Does not contain solvent. Washable from skin and most fabrics. Ideal for paper, cardboard, photos. Easy to use and apply. Environment friendly – solvent free, made from 100% recycled materials.
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Glue stick BIC ECO GLUE STICK DECO 8G 4pcs. pounch
"Made from 100% recycled plastic dispenser;
Does not contain solvent*;
Washable from skin and most fabrics;
Ideal for paper, cardboard, photos;
Easy to use and apply;
Environment friendly– solvent free, made from 100% recycled materials.
There is a version 8 g. ;"
2,03 €
STANGER Textile Adhesive 13 g, 1 pcs 18033
Glues different fabrics together. Transparent after drying. By ironed at highest speed development full bond strength. Washable till 40°C. REACH compliant.
1,12 €
STANGER Plastic Glue 13 g, 1 pcs 18022
For gluing paper, cardboard and polystyrene to one another or in different combinations. Specially recommended for relatively smooth, flat surfaces. REACH compliant.
1,01 €
STANGER 2-Component Adhesive 2 x 13 g, 1 pcs 18012
Most suitable for porcelain, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, wood and stone. Mix equal amounts of resin and hardener. Processing time ca. 10 min. Final hardness after 24 hours. REACH compliant. Made in Germany.
2,98 €